Lisbon Nietzsche Group 

Grupo de Estudos Sobre Nietzsche



1. Who are we and how we got started

The Lisbon Nietzsche Group (LNG, formerly Nietzsche International Lab/NIL), is a research group dedicated to the study of the works and thought of Friedrich Nietzsche, of the culture of his time, and the relevance of his legacy for our own time. The LNG was originally created by João Constâncio in 2009. Since then, it has obtained funding for two research projects from the FCT, the Portuguese Ministry of Education Foundation for research. The first project was called “Nietzsche and the Contemporary Debate on the Self”, and the second “The Plurality of the Subject in Nietzsche and Pessoa”. Both the projects have now been successfully concluded.  Since 2017, the LNG is directed by Pietro Gori.


 2. The International Network of the Lisbon Nietzsche Group

From the beginning, the Lisbon Nietzsche Group has established protocols of collaboration with several of the most important Nietzsche research centers in Europe. These now include: Centro Interuniversitario “Colli-Montinari” (Italy); Internationale Nietzsche-Forschungsgruppe Greifswald, Nietzsche Gesellschaft, and Internationale Nietzscheforschungsgruppe Stuttgart (Germany); Friedrich Nietzsche Society (UK); SEDEN Sociedad Española de Estudios sobre Friedrich Nietzsche (Spain); GIRN Groupe International de Recherches sur Nietzsche (France/Italy); Association HyperNietzsche and Equipe Nietzsche (ITEM-ENS/CNRS, France); Grupo de Estudos Nietzsche; Grupo Nietzsche da UFMG-Belo Horizonte, and Grupo de Pesquisa Spinoza & Nietzsche - Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). The Lisbon Nietzsche Group also collaborates with the research center “Mind, Language and Action Group” (MLAG), a research center at the Humanities Faculty of Oporto University focused on Philosophy of Mind and classified as “excellent” by FCT. 


3. Members of the Lisbon Nietzsche Group

Pietro Gori (Director. Research fellow, IFILNOVA)
João Constâncio (Professor, IFILNOVA)
Maria João Branco (Professor, IFILNOVA)
Marta Faustino (Postdoc, IFILNOVA)
Bartholomew Ryan (Research fellow, IFILNOVA)
Luís Sousa (Postdoc, IFILNOVA)
Paolo Stellino (Research fellow, IFILNOVA)



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