Alberto Arruda

Alberto Arruda earned his BA (licenciatura) from the University of Lisbon, at the German Language and Literature department in 2006. He earned his MA in 2009 from the Literary Theory department at the same university, with a thesis on Wittgenstein’s considerations on rule-following and aesthetics. He is currently a PhD student at the same department. In addition to his PhD program, is currently a member of IFL as part of the Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations: Re-Evaluating a Project and closely involved with the seminar on critical assessment of Wittgenstein’s Investigations. He has presented papers for this Project, among which at the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society. He is also a member of the Philosophy and Literature Network, where he was one of the coordinators of the Pittsburgh at Lisbon Seminar.

His current research interests are mainly the philosophy of language and its relations to the philosophy of action, Wittgenstein’s considerations on rule-following and its various implications, Frege’s philosophy of language, and the philosophical treatment of the concept of intention.